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30 Days With Juz Amma – Ramadan Calendar

As requested here is the S.Ramadhan Wall and the Juz Amma each sura one key ayat inserts for the calendar. I had done an overview calendar (the monthly view format) but have been changing it after the awesome talks by Ummi Aunty of QFatima The wall is a way to encourage them to engage with each… Continue reading 30 Days With Juz Amma – Ramadan Calendar

Holy Qur'an · Laylatul Qadr · S.Ramadhan

S. Dukhan Matching Activity

And lastly, S.Dukhan Ayaats matching worksheet, 13-14 Ayaats with an illustration and Ayah.  Instruction: Cut out the Illustration and Ayah bit separately and ask them to match the pictures to the Ayah.  To make it more challenging and engaging, ask them to find the ayah number in the Sura  I’ve used translation by Shakir Download it… Continue reading S. Dukhan Matching Activity

Holy Qur'an · Laylatul Qadr · S.Ramadhan

S. Ankabut Craft

The templates on S.Ankabut were a little basic for my six year old so we did a little more on this wonderful sura. Inspired from QFatima's tafseer: http://www.qfatima.com/index.php/q-114-home/understanding-of-each-sura/88-suwer-chart-articles/452-suratul-ankabut-029 We used a spider's eight legs to illustrate eight Lessons from the sura.  InshA this will be added (after legs are folded as we make fan and stuck… Continue reading S. Ankabut Craft