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S. Dukhan Matching Activity

And lastly, S.Dukhan Ayaats matching worksheet, 13-14 Ayaats with an illustration and Ayah.  Instruction: Cut out the Illustration and Ayah bit separately and ask them to match the pictures to the Ayah.  To make it more challenging and engaging, ask them to find the ayah number in the Sura  I’ve used translation by Shakir Download it… Continue reading S. Dukhan Matching Activity

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S. Ramadhan Date Balls Kit

I’m going to stop with these jars I promise We’ve kind of missed the date-giving window and as everyone’s giving dates, thought we’d do these Date Balls Kits that way they can make anytime!Included is also a Dua for each step of the Recipe too!! Here is a template to download and print Contents:Pitted datesCooking chocSkewer sticks Hundreds &… Continue reading S. Ramadhan Date Balls Kit


Ramadhan Rainbow and Super Power Strength Taqwa

At the Children's Islamic Library we had a session about Super Power Taqwa and the Ramadan Good Deeds Rainbow. The kids were asked to dress as superheroes and we read the book called Too Young To Fast by Khizar Husain In this month of Ramadhan, we are all guests of Allah, we get to have… Continue reading Ramadhan Rainbow and Super Power Strength Taqwa


Shahr Ramadhan Binoculars

Make the iconic moon-viewing binoculars using craft tubes.There's a little rhyme for the little ones to sing and make the occasion even more memorable by designing your own Oreos with a moon print the yummy way! The colour-coded goals of Shahr Ramadhan helps little ones associate them to everyday colours! Download the Binoculars template here

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Munajat of I.Ali (as) – A String Telephone

A simple string telephone helped understand that Munajat is a 'whisper' Dua to Allah SWT, learn some attributes of Allah SWT and contrast them to our own shortcomings.  You can use the printable from Munajat of I.Ali (as) the Arabic words can be colored in and cut out.Use one cup for Allah's attributes and the… Continue reading Munajat of I.Ali (as) – A String Telephone