Caterpillar to Butterfly Duas

We talked about how Duas can be crawling caterpillar duas – slow to move and how we can transform our caterpillars into a fluttering butterfly with wings, so it reaches Allah faster.

So here is a magical transformation of Caterpillar to Butterfly Duas!

The body of the caterpillar is the body of the Dua- however you wish to segment your dua.
Place an emphasis that just as a caterpillar’s body is divided, our duas should be divided so we can pray for others too!

We divided our duas as praying for:
Imam Mahdi (af)
Poor, sick and the needy
Family and Friends Ourself

And the two BIG wings before and after the body- as Salawat which helps to turn the caterpillar into a butterfly

And the second/small set of wings as the Best Times for Duas or Etiquette of Dua

Materials Needed:

– Pieces of foam or heavy weight cardstock
– Some thread to hang or you can use a straw or wooden stick instead – Some markers
– Sequins, stickers, glitter etc to decorate

Here’s How:

1. Cut one or two sets of butterfly wings. I used two, one large and one small so I could cover the etiquette of reciting Dua too. But for little ones, just stick to one set of wings – Salwaats. Label these wings

2. Cut out some oblong shapes. I used five for the body of the caterpillar, for the five parts of our dua 3. Ask the kids to stick (in order) the sections, making a caterpillar

4. Stick some eyes, tentacles and insert the rope.

5. Ask them, how they could turn this slow caterpillar into something more free, beautiful, and magical.

5. When they identify the caterpillar needs wings to turn into a butterfly, give them the wings and as them to read (recite with them) the Salwaat which will make slow caterpillar Duas turn into Fast fluttering Butterfly Duas

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