Who Was Jesus? – P.Isa

Love it when I can quote lots of Quranic ayahs to tell a story. And what a beautiful story (an attempted poem in this case but hey!) to share with kids at this time of the year!

Who was Prophet Jesus?
He is not Santa Claus, he is not an elf. We believe he’s not a son of God but a Prophet of Allah who was born without a dad

His mummy was a pure lady (3:42) who was visited by an angel when she was busy praying (19:17)

The angel told her that the Almighty was gifting her with a baby in her tummy (19:19)

When baby Jesus was born, Allah told Lady Mary to eat from a date tree (19:25)

Prophet Jesus talked as a baby; he said he was a servant of Allah and Allah had given him the book Injeel (19:30)

He told the people that he was blessed by Divinity and was commanded to pray and give charity (19:31)

He taught people to worship only one God, to be good and always be truthful. He was obedient to his mother and very respectful.

He was kind to people and animals. Allah gave him the miracle to make the dead, living again but he never behaved proudly (5:110)

Imam Ali (as) told us that Prophet Jesus had a stone for his pillow, wore simple clothes, didn’t eat too much and lived very simply (Nahjul Balagha sermon 160)

By Allah’s order, he is still alive. He was blessed from the day he was born till the day he was raised to heaven (19:33) and will return to this world with our Imam Mahdi (ATF)

We don’t celebrate Jesus’s birth with a tree and presents, but we remember this wonderful Prophet of ours with gifts for the neighbors and the needy.

We wish well to those celebrating, after all we are all brothers and sisters in humanity 🙂

And Here’s an Awesome Rhyme from QFatima – our all-time favourite!

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