Holy Qur'an

Being Grateful Bubbles

What happens when we Thank Allah?
Allah gives us MORE : ) Oodles of overflowing MORE!

Here’s a a bubbly jubbly way to show them through this very simple, everyday activity of blowing bubbles into a soap solution.

With only ONE puff of AlhamdulilA, ask the kids to blow into the solution via the straw and see how many bubbles that will make.


It’s such an awesome way to show how Allah gives us so much more from just one ‘AlhamdulilA’ : )

Being Thankful to Allah, makes us appreciate things more and make us happier people. And when we are happy, it has a bubbly effect on others.

Cut out some paper dolls and use the Alhamdulillah reward bubbles to rub off some happy pops on the dolls

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