Ahlul Bayt

Connecting With I.Mahdi AF – Kid-Friendly Areezas

A few years back, in 2013, we started writing Areezahs to I.Mahdi (atf) every Friday or even Thursday evenings.

Alhamd, of all the things that I do with the kids, this has been something we’ve most regularly kept doing.

At first, our Areezhas were just sticking stickers, as they couldn’t write. We’d tell him a little story or ask him to come to us.

One Areezah that really made me feel swell was when my daughter stuck a Dora sticker, saying Dora had a map she could give to our Imam to get to us quicker.

On the days we haven’t had the time due to too much homework or revising for a quiz, or even having to run errands, we’ve adjusted our Areezahs so we’re still finding a way to connect to him despite our busy schedule.

Connecting with our Imam (atf) needn’t be difficult. It can be weaved into what we usually do on a Friday.

And it is amazing how the kids will innately remember writing to our Imam, without any reminders.

Just goes to prove that he IS amongst us. HE DOES CARE ABOUT US! And if we put a teeny bit of effort, he himself inspires our thoughts to remember him!

So here is an example:
Image 1: where this morning, my daughter wrote to Imam, by showing him what she has learned. It served a dual purpose, connecting with him and practicing her alphabets for the upcoming Madressa exam.

Image: 2 Is from a while ago, when we had to go to the shops to buy something on a Friday and Maghrib time was drawing closer. I asked the kids to think about what they wanted to write to Imam while we shopped. My son was given a sticker by the checkout lady, which he decided he’d send to Imam Mahdi with a trolley, so Imam can put the bad people in a trolley and wheel them to jail (Don’t ask! I’ve stopped trying to figure him out!)

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