Asmaul Husna · Holy Qur'an

Allah is Al Musawwir

Finger prints are a great example of how perfectly the Almighty has fashioned each and every one of us. We used a play dough and a widely-used fingerprint activity to understand the three Asmaul Husna – Al Khaliq, Al Baari and Al Musawwir. These three Asmaul Husna have a sequential harmony in the creation of living things as mentioned in S.Hashr 59:24

An Ayat to memorize:

هُوَ اللَّهُ الْخَالِقُ الْبَارِئُ الْمُصَوِّرُ ۖ لَهُ الْأَسْمَاءُ الْحُسْنَىٰ

And He is Allah the Creator, The Maker and the Fashioner and to Him Belong the Beautiful Names

(S. Hashr 59:24)

Explain these Asmaul Husna in order.
First Allah is Al-Khaliq – The Creator – He Creates out of nothing. Nothing at all.Activity: Ask the kids to make a model of a human or animal without any supplies.

Second Allah is Al-Bari – The Maker – He starts Molding creation into a form using materials. Humans are made out of clay as we read in S. Mu’min verse 12. “And certainly We (Allah) created man from an extract of clay”
Example: He Made each type of creature to look different to one another e.g. Insects have a different framework to Birds

Activity: Provide some play dough and ask them to transform a blob of play dough into a shape into something.

Third Allah is Al Musawwir – The Fashioner – He Designs us and gives us our unique look and characteristics.
Example: Within each type of cerature e.g. within humans, he made each one of different and unique.

Activity: Ask the kids to now decorate their creation into something more unique e.g. add eyes, tail, or make hair accessories, etc

Reflect on these Ayaahs

Does man think we cannot put together (again) their bones?
We (Allah) is able to (even) put together (perfectly a person’s) finger tips (S. Al- Qiyama: 3-4)

QuestionWhat’s so special about our fingerprints that Allah, the All-Powerful mentions that He can even put together our finger tips???

Experiment: How do my fingertips show that Allah is Al-Musawwir?


  • Fingerprinting template – Al-Musawwiru – Fingerprints Template
  • Ink pad
  • Magnifying glass
  • Fingerprint reference sheet – Al-Musawwiru – Fingerprints TemplateExperiment: Get kids to print their fingers on a sheet of paper, one finger at a time in the allocated boxesEvaluate findings:1. What do they see – loops, double loops, whorls or arches?
    2. Ask them to compare each of their fingerprints, do they look the same? 3. Ask them to compare their fingerprint to their sibling’s or friend’sConclusion: Ask them to write down their thoughtsAnother fun activity – If angels were Good Deeds Investigators using fingerprints, will they be able to identify me by my Holy Qur’an Book?


• BabyPowder
• An old blusher brush
• Stickytape


1. Dust some powder over the Quran cover and twirl the brush over it.
2. Can you can find any fingerprints on your Qur’an (the margins and cover)? What about lip prints?
3. Does it need many more prints and lip prints?

And finally, we ended with a finger-painting activity along the name Ya Musawwir. Download it here

Now use these awesome names of Allah in everyday life:
Al Khaliq: Recite at night so angels will pray till the end of the night.
Al Bari: To make something easy, recite often
Al Musawwiru: To make something easy, recite often

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