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Alalh is Al Azeez – Story of P. Musa

So we were discussing at the story of P.Musa (as), which helped us to arrive at the meaning of Allah is Al-Azeez just as the Holy Qur’an mentions in the ayaahs below. We have used these ayaahs before in our Awesome Prophets Activity.

Allah said:
Strike the sea with your stick. And it will split in two.
We rescued Musa and all those who were with him. Then We drowned the rest. Truly your

Lord, Allah is the All Mighty (Al-Azeez) the Extra Kind (Ar-Raheem)

(Suratush Shu’ara 26: 63-68)

Al-Azeez means The Powerful, but one whose power has no comparative or equal, and therefore to Him belongs all glory and honour.

The mention of the story of P.Musa in the Holy Qur’an is very elaborate and it helps because the kids can follow through the conversation too. With the above mentioned ayaahs, I was trying to show the kids how Allah shows not only His Amazing Power to split to the sea, as many sources mention, for a long period of time (over six hours and P.Musa and his followers walked for miles!) by rescuing P.Musa and drowning Firown, but also that His Power is incomparable, which is always victorious, hence the drowning of Firown and his people.

And I was explaining to them, that when Allah mentions His special names in the Holy Quran, they help give clues about understanding the ayaah.

I deliberately left out mentioning the name Alr Raheem and out came a little voice, ‘So what about the other name of Allah?’

Then, together we tried to look at Ar-Raheem and reasoned that it could give the indication of how Allah’s Mercy extends to special people and in this case, P.Musa and his followers were those special people who believed in Allah and the signs that were sent to them. SubhanA, the Qur’an is so immaculate!

Here are two Activities to help understand Allah is Al Azeez through the story of P.Musa (pbuh)

Activity 1: Allah’s is Al Azeez The Mighty

Materials Needed:

– Glass dish e.g. Pyrex dish – Drinking Straw
– Water
– Strong lungs

Here’s How:

1. Pour water (1” high) in a small glass dish e.g. a Pyrex dish 2. Use a straw to blow air into the water.

3. How long can you part the water with your strength?
Imagine Allah’s incomparable Power that kept the Red Sea parted for hours so people could cross for miles!

Activity 2: Allah is Al Azeez, The Incomparable

Materials Needed:
– Templates, download here
– Scissors
– Straw and water-based paint for blow-painting (narrow straw works best) or Blo-paints or Spray paints
– Clean A4 card or paper
– Glue or double-sided sticky tape

Here’s How:
1. Cut out the name of Allah Al-Azeez

2. Secure on a clean sheet of paper with (temporary) double-sided sticky tape

3. Use straw (narrow straws work best) or Blo paints to blow all around the name Al-Azeez. Think about all the signs Firown disbelieved in and all the things that he was proud of. Blow harder as you think of how he huffed and puffed against Allah and remove Tawheed.

4. Now, after all the arrogance and the efforts to obliterate Tawheed, peel off the cut-out and see how Allah’s Power and Might always remains untouched! Because He is Al-Azeez!

5. Cut out the above verses and benefit and stick them onto the page. Remember to recite this powerful name of Allah so He may make you more independent inshA!

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