Ahlul Bayt

10 Ways to Connect to Imam Mahdi

Here is a compilation of some of the things we’ve been up to on or around the 15th Sha’baan. It sure isn’t an exclusive list.

The 15th Shabaan should be such a magical time for our kids.
That Santa – figure other kids write to and fantasize about, is very real for us.

I.Mahdi (af) is that friend, their secret pen-pal, the granter of their wishes (by the permission of the Almighty), their soother, their comforter, their hero, their beloved.

And yes, we don’t need to have activities lined up and this should inherently be a happy and joyous occasion, but sometimes, a little excitement of the whole process is what makes it soo memorable!

So go on…enjoy this auspicious occasion. Make it spiritual and fun! Start or stick to a tradition.
Make it meaningful and magical for them. And you!

1. Explaining the concept of Ghaiba

This was a very simple illustration at home, of what Ghaiba is and how we can get closer to him. I used three different fabrics, an empty cardboard box and a candle (would recommend an led candle).

Place different fabrics at the opening of the box.

The fabric opacity represents our good deeds, the clearer our deeds, the more of his light we can see. The more bad deeds we commit, the thicker the curtain and it gets difficult to see his light

2. Read Books
We love love this book and I can’t recommend it enough! – ‘Where is My Imam?’ by Marhuma Shellina Kermalli

Other titles suitable for older kids include: ‘Meet the Masumeen’ by HIC Youths and ‘Morals of Masumeen’ by Arifa Hudda

3. Watch a Clip About His Birth

We watch this every year. Although it is in Arabic, I’m so grateful for this clip – it has English subtitles, which educates kids on how he was born.

4. Play a game!

This is such a fun game – Hide, Wait and Find Game. I set the timer to random times and hide it in a random place. Once the timer rings, kids need to find the timer. Whoever finds the timer first gets to recite Dua Al Faraj : )

5. Areezas

Connecting to I,Mahdi (af) through Areezas is inshA a weekly thing you do in your households, but it is highly highly recommended to write a letter to I.Mahdi (af) on the eve of 15th Shabaan. Alhamd, a few creative mamas have done an excellent job in creating printable Areeza’s for us to use.

For Younger Kids by Muslim Kids – Marhuma Sajida Dharamsi

For Older Kids –

This Areeza is very useful with the English translation of the traditional Areeza

5.Our Connection to I.Mahdi (af) and his connection to Allah SWT

This mini light-table arrangement helps them understand that I.Mahdi (af) is connected to Allah SWT (like the fairy lights are connected to the electric source) who provides him with the ability, knowledge and guidance which is then reflected to us.

But we must have clean hearts, as the heart that is clean and clear like the water container on the right (bottom left image) is the one that will receive guidance.

6. Secret Message

Invisible paint (lemon juice) was our magic potion that was painted on the sun. And when there are enough GOOD DEEDS and PEOPLE to *warm up* this world (use a heat source eg iron, hair dryer, oven under caution) the Golden Sun just like our Imam (af) will InshA appear! 

Lemon juice once dried is invisible on paper but when subjected to a heat energy is oxidized and appears yellowish Golden :)) 

Cotton wool for clouds and Rainbow strips with all the good things Imam (af) will bring to this world  we cant wait! Al Ajjal Al Ajjal O Imam!!

7. Pin the Cloud on the Sun Game

Make this day fun! Here’s a game they enjoyed playing and was so simple to make. A foam poster and two poster cards for the sun and the cloud. Blindfold them and see of they can pin the cloud on the sun.

8. Go Looking for Imam Mahdi (af) with these Super Vision Mu’min Glasses

Make these special vision Mu’min glasses and learn what we need to have ‘inside’ of us to be able to inshA see him! Because there are a few selected people that are so pure and good that the Imam AF visits himself! Wow!

Download a template here

9. Use Decoding Messages and This Wanted Poster to Really Look for him

See Muslim Spy Kit Game and Printables

10. Grow Something for Imam Mahdi

Get those green fingers out and grow something special that you can share with others. We demonstrated the ‘Sun Behind the Cloud’ concept through a decorated (up cycled baby milk tin with the spilling paint effect – base coat acrylic paint, spill yellow paint on the tin upside down and then use puffy white paint for the clouds) and labelling the watering can with what other responsibility in helping the Imam sprout out of Ghaybah.

Why not decorate your gardens / outdoors in the process too?

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