Ahlul Bayt

Mu’min Spy Kit – 15th Shabaan

Since I’m slowly springing back, thought it’d be nice to take the whole ‘Sun Behind the Cloud’ concept to make a Mu’min spy kit. Now we made Mu’min glasses two years back to understand the qualities of a Mu’min (believer) but using a secret (hidden) message and information would be a really cool addition.

A very popular kid’s activity in kinder eggs, where a message is written and decoded using special film glasses or spy glass. I used the red decoder method, where the message is first written in blue (a more lighter more like a turquoise shade) and then the same printed paper is printed again with red squiggles.

So I opted for a whole an investigative approach hence the ‘Wanted’ sign, spy glass and the evidence wall. I’ve planted Secret messages (evidence) in appropriate places around the house for them to find which is proof that the Imam (af) is living.
For example, his saying on Salaah, I printed that as a secret message and planted it in their Salaah mats to find. His saying on free will/choice, I planted that in their school bags to remind them to make smart choices that day and every day.


The Secret messages are little sheets of secret message containing his biographical info, his sayings before the greater Ghayba, simplified Qur’an ayaats of proof of Al Mahdi, and more. As soon as they find these, they can hang them onto the evidence wall and inshA by the eve of 15th of Shabaan, we will know so much about him and will be able to prepare better in trying to help him re-appear inshA!

We also made a ‘Wanted’ notice 🙂


Materials Needed:

– Printable Cardstock various colours, if you using paper, you’ll need to double it up for to give it strength
– Red cellophane (easily obtainable from craft shops, gift wrapping shops and even from florists) – Sequins and other bits to decorate

To make a spy glass:

– Fold carstock into two (so you have two of the same spy glass cut-out)
– Cut out a round with a rectangular stick (or use shape cutters or object outlines) at least 3″ in diameter and 4″ in length

– Cut an inner round (or shape) at least 1.5″ in diameter.
– Place red cellophane between the two cut-outs within the inner circle and glue in place

Or you can download and print the Mu’min glasses and use red cellophane to use them as red decoder glasses

Download and Print the Wanted notice and SOME of the evidence here.

* Print the text FIRST then on the same side as the text (same paper), print the red squiggles

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