Holy Qur'an · S.Ramadhan

Word by Word Sura Flash Cards

Alhamd, after breaking down our goals for this S.Ramadhan into 4 easy-to-follow steps Memorize, Read & Listen, Understand the Meaning and Apply by doing Good Deeds (a self-directed activity), I am really excited to share these word-by-word Sura Flashcards. I’ve found these to be very versatile and below are a few suggestions. Use them to learn the meaning, practice Arabic writing and have some family fun!

The cards are color-coded where the Arabic and English of the same ayaah is in the same color. I have used the rainbow color theme. Although they’ll figure out the color sequence after a few go’s, the way the cards work, they HAVE to read the Arabic to sequence them into order.

In a nutshell, these cards allow them to recall, read, sequence and match the English translation! All while you just sit back and put your feet up for a few mins : )

1. Vertical Magnetic Board

I used a widely-available galvanized metal sheet (12″x24″ for $9 at Home Depot), covered with a neutral gift wrap and hung it up on the wall using ordinary nails. After printing, snipping and laminating the flash cards, I stuck a piece of magnet (again widely available at craft stores as tape or sticky sheets or pieces). Kids gets to arrange the sura word by word with it’s meaning on the magnetic board

2. Horizontal Poster Board

You can even use a portable poster board with or without velcro strips on a higher ground like dining table (we used the concrete space by the fire place. My daughter likes to sort them by color then get on with arranging them.

3. Practice and Perfect Arabic Joining

I purposely made the fonts in white over a colored background, so I could use the cards as templates where kids could trace inside and practice writing their Arabic joining of letters. Make sure you laminate these and use dry-erase markers for use for after use. This has proved to be a great passing- time activity for the little doodlers when fasting and are ‘too bored’

4. Play Charades

Use the (Arabic word) cards to play a family game of charades. Appoint them as team leaders responsible for reading the cards and trying to guess which sura(s) the word appears in and what it means to mime it out to the other team. The team then has to correctly guess the word, the Arabic word and the sura in which it appears. A great way for the whole family to engage with the Holy Quran in this month and inshA through the year!

Think of any more? Leave a comment : )

Important notes:

1. Despite my efforts over days to try and copy and paste the exact words complete with signs, there are some words which are missing signs like sukun, maddah, etc. Please do not use these cards as a way teach recitation, makharij, tajweed etc. Use these cards as a ‘guide’ to try and learn the meaning of the suras. Please also ensure your child knows the sura with its proper recitation and pronunciation before they use these cards.

2. I recommend laminating the print outs then snipping into cards. InshA this ensures that the scared Quranic text is not touched by dirty hands and makes it hard-wearing for multiple kids inshA! Remember to smooth the sharp corners on the cards so they don’t hurt themselves.

Download the Flashcard Here for 5 Surahs:

Al Fatiha, Al Kafiroon, Al Ikhlas, Al Falaq and An Naas)

* I plead for Allah’s forgiveness if there are any errors in displaying the scared text in this activity. If you find any errors (except for missing some missing signs) please let me know. JazakA!

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