Holy Qur'an

S. Layl Demonstration and Craft

Here’s a visual demo based around a very popular verse in S.Layl about giving Charity and a craft activity for S.Layl – a Sura of Opposites!


Ayah 18 is demonstrated visually by two foam cups – the Giver and the Stingy.

  • Paint the inside of the cup with black water-based paint
  • Labelthecups
  • Poke a few holes (2-3) in the ‘Stingy’ cup
  • Poke many holes in the ‘Giver’ cup (with each hole think of those in need e.g. Orphans,refugees, animal shelters etc, or name the different charities to increase awareness)
  • Pour water in them and look out for the cup that ‘purifies’ itself by ‘giving’ of its content
  • Then read ayaah 18 together! It’s very effective and “magical”


The craft is a S.Layl wheel which nicely illustrates the first 10-12 ayaahs- how this sura especially talks about opposites – Day and Night; Male and Female; Giver and Stingy etc.

Use two circular card – black and white

White Card:

  • Make 6 sections on the white card
  • Opposite wedges will represent opposites mentioned in this Sura e.g Day and Night, Male andFemale, Giver and Stingy
  • Let your child decorate each to how he or she wishes. For the Giver and Stingy we quoted the qualities given in the verse
  • Stingy: Doesn’t give + doesn’t fear Allah + doesn’t believe in good = Ends up with difficulties
  • Giver: Gives of his/her own wealth + Fears Allah +Believes in good = Has Ease in Life
  • Optional: Make little arrows with the Arabic terminology to point to the corresponding white section. This helps test their memory with Arabic vocab (Al Layl & An Nahar, Adh Dhakara & Al Untha, Al Usra & Al Yusra)
    Alternatively the arabic term can be written in the white section

Black Craft:

  • Serves as the top card with details of the Sura e.g. name, number, Makki/Madani etc
  • Cut out two 1/6th sections (opposite to each other) so they’ll serve as a window to the whitecard
  • Fasten the black card onto the white card

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