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S. Ramadhan Date Balls Kit

I’m going to stop with these jars I promise

We’ve kind of missed the date-giving window and as everyone’s giving dates, thought we’d do these Date Balls Kits that way they can make anytime!
Included is also a Dua for each step of the Recipe too!!

Here is a template to download and print

Pitted dates
Cooking choc
Skewer sticks Hundreds & Thousands Dua Recipe as below

Shahr Ramdhan Date Balls

Pick out two handful of pitted dates
*May the Almighty pick you as one of His best servants*

Place in a food processor
Pour 2-3 tbsp of milk or melted butter and add nuts optional (cashews, peeled almonds, pine nuts, pecans, etc)
*May the Almighty Pour you with His ever-lasting Forgiveness*

Whiz it together until soft and pliable then shape into perfect little balls *May the Almighty shape you to achieve your full potential*

Place the date balls on skewers
*May the Almighty Elevate your rank with the Illiyoons*

Drizzle a coating of melted chocolate
*May the Almighty envelope you in His sweetest Rahma*

Sprinkle with Hundreds & Thousands when choc still moist
*May the Almighty Shower Hundreds & Thousands of Blessings on you and your family!*

Download it here

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