A Mother's Whisperings · Laylatul Qadr

You Have Taught Them

I feel duped by ‘time’! Not only is it robbing away precious years of my kids being young, it has ticked even faster than I had imagined. There was so much more I wanted to do by now, but there simply hasn’t been enough time

One night last week, I watched my dad cry and plead in worship to Allah SWT, humbling himself to the ground. He looked shorter than I remember. Weaker and older than I had ever known him to be. It’s something I haven’t ever seen before. It was disturbing yet strangely comforting.

I didn’t know the exact amaal he was doing, whether it was a Dua, his personal hajaats or Istaghfar, but I knew I wanted to do the same.

Even as old as I am, last night I wanted to plead to the Almighty like my dad did that night. Curl up in sajda like he did, shed as many tears as he did.

Raise my hands up just like him.

More than what he’s ever told me about Laylatul Qadr, watching him plead, pray, cry and humble himself was the most poignant thing he could’ve EVER taught me about this special night.

We’ve been overwhelmed by resources on paper, crafts and screens! You may or may not have done them with your kids.

Perhaps you didn’t get a chance to create beautiful crafts to illustrate the awesomeness of these special nights and month.
Perhaps you planned to/started to, but it didn’t go as imagined.
Perhaps, you only managed to get to and from the mosque, or cook a basic Iftar and recite Dua e Iftitah.

Your kids have still learned a lot from you. They SAW you, and that was the biggest thing you COULD teach them.

When they offered you food and you gently reminded them that you were fasting – it taught them to honor Allah (SWT) before their own needs

When they saw you work everything around so you could get to the mosque – they learned that life CAN and SHOULD be centered around Allah (SWT)

When they heard you reciting the Holy Qur’an more than usual – they knew this month was so special that you needed to ‘catch up’ with Allah (SWT) and let Him tell you fascinating stories

When you gave a little extra every time a donation canister came your way – they learned that we need to give up what we love to empathize and be truly grateful

When you cooked special meals and treats to share with family, friends neighbors and even strangers – they learned that loving Him without loving His creation was a Love incomplete

When they saw you restrain yourself when you could’ve just exploded – they knew fasting was divine. Much more than just abstaining from food and drink.

When you chose to stay at home for Duas and Amaals – they learned that connecting with Him on these nights was so important that you gave up meeting friends and dressing up.

When you were hungry, thirsty and tired and didn’t know if you’d make it through – they knew there was something greater, more powerful, more divine inside each one of us.

You have taught them so much -perhaps even more than any piece of craft, activity or worksheet ever could.

When you simply fasted, prayed, praised, cried, gave, loved, believed, went down into sujood, raised your hands in Dua, stood firm in prayer, gave up, gave in, kept going on…

As parents, more so in this month, during these special nights, we need to recognize our innate and oh- so-divine ability to model Allah’s creation. It’s like He created, made and designed them, but left us to add the little finishing touches, to shape a person so special, so uniquely perfect, so pleasing to our Lord, inshA!

More than you know, you’ve taught them.

You’ve taught them through the honor of being His Abd and His guest in this special month. And that my friends, is no ordinary honour!

May He accept all our efforts as the best of actions inshA!
May He guide us to elevate ourselves and our kids so He may be pleased with us inshA!

Iltimase Dua

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