Ziyarat TidBits: One Glance Sheets

Arbaeen was a super busy time. There was hardly any space for us to sit let alone write in diaries or journals in the harams. I couldn’t justify being away from the haram so we hardly spent time at the hotel to write in our journals and so forth.


One thing that my daughter found really really useful was the M14 Timeline wheels from QFatima. (I had a combined print out but you can find these individually here)

Following that, I scribbled a few things for her to look at so she could get to the know the Imam a little better which complemented the stories I told them about the Imams before visiting them.


These one glance sheets we’ve made, for InshA our next Ziyarah trip would have been super useful!

[Psst: if you can’t do everything you want to at the Shrines, which probably will the case, give those things in amanaat to the Imam, tell him, he has to now invite you again so you can check off everything :)]


They are a one glance sheet consisting of info about the Imam, one short story from his life and a saying.

Download them here

It’s been printed on a plain white paper and glued onto a printed card in the shape of a masjid, color-coded by the place of burial i.e. red for Kerbala, green for Najaf, etc

A quick glance amid all the chaos, to remind them just how awesome the Imam was and what we can take away from their life.

At the back you can stick an actual picture of their shrine or even the M14 timeline wheel which would give a better snapshot of the Imam’s life

All other tidbits can be found here: ‪#‎ZiyarahwithkidsTJannah‬, the last tidbit: The Aroma of Ziyarah can be found here

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