Ziyarat Tidbits: Gift a Sura

Alhamd we were blessed with the opportunity to go for Arbaeen Ziyarah this year!

I wanted to focus on myself, so I didn’t do too much with the kids while there. However, I did do some prep which came in real handy. And now hoping to help them record their memories in a scrapbook.


Gifting a sura to the Imams (as) was very important to me. For Aba Abdillah (as) we made a special effort to memorize Suratul Fajr (both kids and myself). I counted one verse a day from Ashura and Alhamd, we just about managed to memorize the sura by Arbaeen and I cannot express in words the feeling of awe when my 6 & 5 year old recited the sura close to the Zarih of I.Hussein (as).


Likewise, we gifted a sura (with proper makharij) to each of the Imams (as), as a gift to thank them for inviting us. Where possible, I got the kids to think about the sura (from the ones they already memorized) and the Imam to see if there was a link.

Imam Ali -S.Fatiha as he’s our first Imam and it’s the first sura
Imam Hussein (as) -S.Fajr
Imam Kadhim (as) – S.Asr because he used to swallow his anger
Imam Taqi (as) – S.Maoon he was an orphan at a very age and his title is Al Jawad the generous
Imam Mahdi (af) – S.Kawther – as he is part of the abundance that is talked about in the Sura etc …


Not just for Ziyarah, why not gift a sura to the Imam (as) on his wiladat or shahadat? A great way to associate the Holy Quran with the Ahlul BAYT (as) just as our Holy Prophet SAWW wanted us to hold on to!

Gift a Sura

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