Ziyarat Tidbits: Gift a Good Deed

Gift the Imam (as) you’re visiting a good deed from his awesome character

If you went to watch your fav football or basketball team you really loved, you’d try hard to display your support and love for them by wearing their tshirt, cap, cheering mitts etc…

Imagine doing a good deed that tries to emulate the Imam (as)’s personality, through which InshA that Imam (as) recognizes you instantly as part of his special fan club!

I must admit, this idea only came to me towards the end of the trip but InshA it’s still not too late! It’s never too late smile emoticon

With books like ‘Meet the Masumeen’ by HIC Youths (Sun Behind The Cloud Publication), Morals of Masumeen by Arifa Hooda and Saleem Bhimji, online stories found on ezsoftech.com or weekly story by storiesofahlulbayt@gmail.com, cumulatively we have at least a couple of stories from each Imam (as) to get us emulating InshA!

You can even use the title of each Imam to do the good deed, and Alhamd, how beautifully has Allah planned this, all twelve Imams present us with a different character trait, so important to the fabric of life!

As Confucius says: ‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

InshA our kids would develop a deeper, more constant and lasting connection with the Imam (as)

Gift a Good Deed

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