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Here is an activity which when used with the daily practice of doing wudhoo can inshA help kids learn the sequence of wudhoo and the Dua for each stage.


1. Learn the actions of wudhoo in a sequence
2. Match the action to the image
3. Match the Dua to the action and image

We use this as part of our ‪#‎HomeMadressaTjannah‬

There are three types of cards in this set – The title, Image and Dua

For my 4 year old, I use the first two objectives, while for my 6 year old, I encourage her to do all three – sequence the cards, match the title to the image and also match the Dua with each action.

(The flashcards are based on the Shia way of doing wudhoo. The Ahle Sunnah way is illustrated here)

wudhoo flashcards

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