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Last year, in an attempt to get them to know the names of the twelve Imams, I found a few different ways – crafts, padlocks and keys, Easter eggs game, etc

One of the was the Twelve Imams Clock. So for theĀ Home Madressa I’ve used this as a prop during our Montessori work time.

twelve Imams clock

Materials needed:

– A foam Poster board (black stands out more!)
– Some laminated strips (arrows) of the names of the Imams
– Some number stickers to label the clock
– Velcro pieces
– Fastener
– White tac or thumb tacs to hand the poster onto the wall

– Cut the poster into a circle – I used a large bucket to help me define the shape and equally space with numbers
– Use a fastener to attach the arrows
– Stick pieces of velcro at pointy part of the arrow and the corresponding number

clock - zoom

Voila! You have another prop that will help kids learn the names of Imams in a fun way!

And what’s great about these posters is that they are not limited to the classroom. You can make one for home – hang it in the playroom, their bedrooms, kitchen, hallway, and inshA they’ll have something to keep them busy as well as learn at the same time!

Here are the printable arrows.
They will best fit a poster of diameter – 20″ about 50cm


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