Ziyarah Tidbits: The Aroma of Ziyarah 1 comment

This was a concept so beautifully explained by Sheikh Khalil Jaffer (his other talks are absolutely excellent, highly recommend listening to the them!)

Going on a Ziyarah is like going to a Perfume shop, imagine the Imam (and other personalities) gifting you with a generous puff of THEIR beautiful perfume or fragrance so you can be more like them! The fragrance will stay on you, for as long as you try to emulate that personality. You’ll start to lose it when you stop being like them.

Now your thank you to this very precious gift is to safeguard it and try not to lose it. Here are some opportunities to have more puffs sprayed on you:

  • Days of the week Ziyarah – saying salaam to them
  • Tuesdays  with Dua e Tawassul
  • Fridays by remembering and doing good deeds
  • Wiladats and Shadats
  • or even every single day in everything we do!

All other tidbits can be found on this link: #ZiyarahwithkidsTJannah

Listen to Sheikh Khalil’s clip below:


Aroma of Ziyarah


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