The Tree of Islam

You may remember theĀ Eid al Ghadeer tree we did with leaf painting.

Well here it is again but this time, not just serving as a piece of craft but has become a our Home Madressa learning tool for Usoole Deen and Furu e Deen.

During our Montessori time in ourĀ Home Madressa schedule, kids can pick this as an activity.

I used velcro pieces and some laminated translations of Usoole Deen and Furoo e Deen that the kids can pick out and stick onto the correct root or branch. InshA through doing this activity, there will be less of a need to ‘memorize’ the Usoole Deen and Furoo e Deen and kids have a visual prop that helps them start to understand the concepts.

tree of islam prop

And what’s great about these posters is that they are not limited to the classroom. You can make one for home – hang it in the playroom, their bedrooms, kitchen, hallway, and inshA they’ll have somethign to keep them busy as well as learn at the same time!


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