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Bibi Sakina First Looks for H.Baby Ali Asghar for Water

On tha day of Ashura, the mean bad people killed 72 men from the camp of I.Hussain (as). They killed Aun, Mohammed and Qasim (B.Sakina’s cousins), they killed her beloved chacha (uncle) H.Abbas, they killed her brothers H.Ali Akber and H.Baby Ali Asghar and they even killed her Papa (father), I.Hussain (as).


B.Sakina was very sad, she felt very alone. Soon after, the bad people came to burn the tents of I.Hussain, making all the women and children run from here to there. Imam Hussain’s family ran from one tent to another, but the bad people burned all the tents.


B.Sakina felt lost. A mean man found her, he burned her dress and snatched her earrings from her ears and all her ears were bleeding.


B. Sakina was in a lot of pain. She was crying. She was hurt. She ran to look for her Papa, to see if she could find him and tell him what the mean people were doing.


She came to a body with no head, and recognised it as her Papa. She lay on his chest and cried. She cried so much that she fell asleep.


When her aunt B.Zainab, came to look for B.Sakina, she found her lying on I.Hussain’s headless body. B. Zainab woke her up and gave her a hug.


B.Sakina started to cry and asked why the people were being so mean. B.Zainab kept hugging her, making B.Sakina feel safe.


B.Zainab (sa) told B.Sakina, that somebody had brought some water and food for them and since B.Sakina was the youngest of all, they wanted her to have it first.


As soon as she heard this, B.Sakina went running again in the battlefield, when B.Zainab ran after her, she asked, ‘Why are you running darling Sakina?’ and B.Sakina replied: ‘I’m looking for my little baby brother, who is also very thirsty, I can’t drink water when my younger brother is still thirsty’


They both cried, because they knew that the mean people had killed H.Baby Ali Asghar. B.Zainab told her, that he was now resting with I.Hussain in Jannah and a special lady was giving H.Baby Ali Asghar water and milk until Allah asks his mummy to go to Jannah.


So was the love of B.Sakina for her brother. Even though she was very thirsty, and her throat was dry and hurting, she was thinking of her younger brother H.Baby Ali Asghar before she could drink any water.


Brother and Sisters are a blessing from Allah. Allah is pleased when we think of them first before we think of ourselves. They are a part of us and we are a part of them. Just like the Holy Prophet used to say:
‘Hussainu Minni Wa’Ana Minal Hussain’
‘Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain’

And Allah is unhappy when we hurt our brothers and sisters on their bodies as well as their feelings.



Prompt them to apply the story and come up with the rights of Siblings. Let it be personalised to your family.

– We must respect them.
– We must let them speak and not interrupt them
– We must be kind to them
– We must look out for them when Mummy and Papa are not around
– We must never hurt their bodies by hitting, kicking, pushing, biting
– We must never hurt their feelings by teasing, saying mean things
– We must share things just like B.Sakina wanted to share water even though she was thirsty herself.



Illustrate the concept of ‘Hussainu Minni Wa Ana Minal Hussain’

Do a heart exchange activity. On each piece of heart from the sibling, write down one or more ways they will be nice to that sibling.

hearts hearts2





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5 thoughts on “The Story of B.Sakina and H.Ali Asghar

  • Sukaina Thawer

    Thank you have great ideas, I have used many of your ideas for the month of Muharram Alhamdulillah,
    may the al-mighty increase your Ilm and maarifah loads of love and duas.

    • aaliya Post author

      JazakA! Anyone in my place would’ve done the same, Alhamd, that’s the beauty of the love of Allah and the Ahlul Bayt. JazakA for the comment. Loads of Love and Duas for you too x

  • Sukaina Thawer

    Salaam Aaliya,
    So many children have benefited from your resources cause we do madressa classes so mashallah around 50 children have used so many things from your lovely ideas, once again thank you jazakallah.
    Take care loads of love and duas,
    Sukaina Thawer

    • aaliya Post author

      Wowiee! MashA thats amazing! Alhamd, soooo glad and humbled that you found some useful things. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing that with me :)

      Loads of love and duas to you too xxx