The Magical Journey of Me’raj

This year (2014/1435) #mirajactivities we made a wall display so it was easier to learn about the different stops and things our H.Prophet (SAWW) saw.

I started off wanting to show/teach them so much more but I think for now this is what they could absorb!

All the information is from

Quran: (S.Bani Israeel: 1)

Gift from Allah to Holy Prophet (SAWW) : 5 x Salaat

He travelled with Angel Jibraeel on a special horse-like animal Buraq

The journey:
1. Umee Hani’s house (near the Kaaba)
2. Madina (Ta’iba)
3. Mt.Sinai (where P.Musa talked to Allah)
4. Bait Al Laham (birth place of P.Isa)
5. Masjidal Aqsa (where he met itger Prophets (pbut) and Holy Prophet led Salaat)
6. Holy Prophet (saww) travelled up to the skies
7. He saw Jannah and Jahannam
8. He then moved up onto each stage of heaven and met different Prophets
It was a great opportunity to recap what we knew about these Prophets:
– 1st Heaven: P.Adam – apple
– 2nd Heaven: P. Isa – Injeel
-3rd Heaven: P. Yusuf – Well
-4th Heaven: P.Idris – Threading as he invented stitching
-5th Heaven: P.Haroon – brother of P.Musa
-6th Heaven: P.Musa -baby in basket
-7th Heaven: P.Ibrahim – Kaaba

Other things he saw:
– Angel half made of ice and half of fire
– The Biggest tree where only one leaf was as big as one country
– Lots of fruits biggest and juiciest pomegranates (we could see my son drooling at this point, he loves all kinds of fruit!)

Alhamd, got to do a few different types of crafts and it’s turned into a very educational and decorative display. InshA will keep it up for a few more days until they’re more familiar.

Its pure joy to see them use a long pointer and ‘teach’ us of what happened at Mi’raj : )

Iltimase Dua




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