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download ABBYY FineReader 10 Professional Edition My kids have been getting into a pickle about the sequence of events that bead together to form the whole ‘Event of Kerbala’

buy cheap ACDSee Ultimate 8 And usually I’d let it pass by as they are quite young to remember everything, but they seem to be getting frustrated. Therefore I thought I’d make up some flash cards that they can learn about the pre-Kerbala and post-Kerbala events.

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Alhamd, Z and Z are pretty good with the Maqtal and I cannot be more grateful that I have this poem which they now know and usually refer to


So here are some flashcards (about 21 cards) with an image (with full image credits) and some text to help them understand the Event of Kerbala chronologically

If you have purchased the Yaseer and Zahra Heroes Kerbala Flashcards from Buzz Ideazz then they can be used together to elaborate the (during) Kerbala personlaities which I purposely didn’t focus on!


I’ve tried to use some olden pictures of Mecca and Medina, to keep it looking as real as possible to 61 A.H. Well, I tried! 


Now the text on the flashcards can be heavy-going for younger kids, so I’m going to use them in conjugation with other learning.


For instance you’ll see on the image that I have even number stickers on the  laminated cards (read the goose-bump incident that happened when I got these laminated!). This will hopefully fulfill two aims:
– Learn even numbers for school


– Learn about the events of Kerbala at the same time!

For my 4 year old, I’m going to use English or even Arabic alphabets!

Kerbala flashcards image* above image is for plain flashcards

Once they familiarize themselves with the flashcards, I’m going to wean off them off the indicator stickers so inshA they can place them in sequence independently!

**You could use any indicators instead of the usual numbering e.g. prime numbers, squares and so much more!!**

There are two printable versions to download:

1. Colour coded (as per pre-Kerbala, Kerbala and post-Kerbala)


2. Plain

image Would be happy to make minor customizations (add, subtract, etc) to how your kids will best learn, leave me a comment or email me :)

If there are any errors, please let me know!



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