Suratun Naas Shield 1 comment

A simple craft to illustrate S.Naas and its impact on a person who recites it.

The first three ayaahs are represented by a shield divided into three parts:

Rabb, Malik and Ilaah.

Each third is secured by fasteners on one side to make it movable and Velcro pieces on another to make it stick in place hence giving protection to the person behind the shield when they recite it.

With a person in the middle reciting the Sura who is surrounded by the whispers which penetrate the Sudur from among the Jinn and the Naas.


Materials used:

Paper plate
A4 card
Velcro strip
Google images :)
And markers

My son who is obsessed with the Avengers made a Captain America Shield : ( But at least he learned from it


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