Suratul Ma’oon and Generosity of the Heart

We explored S.Maoon with its meaning.In this sura, Allah SWT, tells us how important it is to show kindness (small kindness everyday in basic things hence the use of a sponge) to His creation.

Our Salaah should extend beyond the prayer mat in reaching out to the Miskeen and Yateem and those in need. It should also be done solely for the love of Allah SWT

To illustrate how the love of Allah SWT and love of His creation go hand in hand we did a little sponge experiment.




Heart 1 was soaked in Allah’s love and covered by the kindness for His creation.
Heart 2 was only soaked in Allah’s love.

After a day, we saw that Heart 1 was indeed still soft and moist, pleasing to touch, but Heart 2 was hard and rough, even though it was soaked. The love for Allah had evaporated when there was no kindness for His creation.


We looked closely at kindness and generosity and the three different kinds of generous people that we’ve all grown up listening to in Majalises.

The flint, the sponge and the honeycomb.

The flint (ordinary rock in our case) had to be hammered, yet it still didn’t give anything.

The sponge you had to squeeze to get something out and it didn’t give as freely.

And learning about honeycombs we realized they just ooze out all the goodness without much or any prodding.

A little honeycomb craft out of kitchen roll tube followed, where we made 14 hexagon cells each dedicated to a Masum. And reviewed one example of each of the Masum showing generosity. To beautify the craft, we attached a very special verse, revealed in the honour of the most generous household that ever lived smile emoticon

To constantly remind ourselves of just how generous they were, we made little money boxes out of Pringles/nut snack containers and covered them with beehive craft paper.



I loved how this opened a chain of discussion and we revisited things like kindness is like glitter, the starfish and the boy story, effects of Riyah, hexagonal geometry….etc etc…



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