Story of H.Hur

Listening to Our Inner Voice

H.Hur was a commander of the army of Yezid. Although he was working for a bad person Yezid, his heart was very good. He was the one who stopped I.Hussain (as) from going to Kufa and I.Hussain had to go to Kerbala instead. At that time, Hur’s army men were out of water, even though it was Yezid’s army, I.Hussain shared with them his water, so they wouldn’t be thirsty. Every person should have clean drinking water.


On the night of Ashura, 1oth of Muharram, Hur was very restless when we heard the cries of children saying, ‘Al Atash’ ‘Al Atash’. His heart was very troubled. He could not sleep or even sit in one place. He kept walking back and forth. He felt very anxious and worried. His heart was telling him that he was not on the right path. His heart was telling him that it was wrong to work for Yezid and it was wrong to fight I.Hussain, the grandson of the Holy Prophet (SAWW).


Yezid had promised the army men a lot of rewards. Big houses. A lot of money and even jewels. They had to kill I.Hussain and his people to get the rewards. But Hur felt it was the wrong thing to do. He could not kill anybody for rewards. And I.Hussain was an Imam, the grandson of the Holy Prophet (SAWW), the beloved of Allah.


Hur quickly realized his mistake and at once left Yezid’s camp to go to I.Hussain. There he was very ashamed. He felt very bad. He threw himself on the ground out of being shameful for his actions and respect for I.Hussain. I.Hussain gave him a hug and said, ‘You are my guest Hur, but I’m sorry I don’t have any water or food to give you’ He apologised again and asked Imam, if Imam would let him go and fight first in the battle the following morning.


The time came for the battle to start and H.Hur went to face his the army, some of whom were his friends. He told them that what they were doing was wrong, but they didn’t listen. They killed H.Hur and he fell from his horse. He called out: ‘As Salaamu Alayka Ya Aba Abdillah’ Imam Hussain rushed towards Hur, took him in his lap and tied a handkerchief on his forehead which was bleeding. He told him that Allah had granted Hur Jannah for listening to his inner voice of being good and doing the right thing. Instead of enjoying the rewards promised by the mean person Yezid, which were few, H.Hur would enjoy the rewards from Allah which were countless.


So what is this inner voice?
– Our Inner voice is our good soul that speaks to us when we’re about to do something bad. Before we do something that we’re not sure is good or bad, we must think very carefully.


We can:
– Go somewhere quiet if possible and close our eyes to think
– We can ask ourselves: Would Allah be happy if I did this?
– Would it make I.Zamana happy or sad?
– How would Mummy and Papa feel?

In Suratush Shams, Allah says, He created our souls and made them PERFECT and then He showed our souls what was right and what was wrong.


Our souls are perfect. They are created with good and it is how we behave that make it bad. Make our insides ugly and dark.


Case Scenarios:
1. Mrs M is doing a cooking with the Pre-K’s. She makes a marshmallow pirate ship which is so yummy and delicious. It has some jelly candies that contain gelatin. But it all looks so yummy and you are very hungry. What would you do?


2. Mummy calls out that it is Namaaz time just when Princess Sophia comes on TV. Mummy switches the TV off and asks you to join her for Namaaz. But you are very tired and really want to wtch Princess Sophia, because its the best one ever! You see the remote on the sofa, what do you do?


3. Zaki has taken your favourite doll. He is playing with it and decides to bite on it. He throws the doll’s shoes and breaks her leg. What would you do?


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