Story of H.Habeeb

Being a Good Friend

When Imam Hussain (as) reached Kerbala, he was missing somebody. His heart was quite sad. He was missing his best friend Habib ibn Mazahir. He quickly wrote him a letter and sent it with a messenger on a horse. In those days, there were no postmans or UPS trucks or even air planes to take letters from one place to another.


When the messenger reached Habib Ibn Mazahir house in Kufa, he gave the letter to Habib who was having breakfast with his wife. Habib read the letter and put it away. His wife asked him what the letter was about. When Habib told her, she got up at once and said, ‘You must go O Habib, Our Imam needs us’. It just shows how family members can help and encourage each other to do good.


When Habib got ready, he started to get on his horse but then remembered his slave. He told his slave that he was now free to go anywhere he liked. The slave was a very good muslim and refused, he said that he too wanted to go with Habib to help Imam.Hussain. Habib ibn Mazahir left Kufa with his son and his slave on horses.


When they reached Kerbala, I.Hussain smiled when he saw Habib. Good friends give us hope and make us happy. Even B.Zaynab was happy to hear that I.Hussain’s friend was there. She sent special salaams to Habib ibn Mazahir.


Habib, like many of I.Hussain’s friends went into the battlefield of Kerbala, to protect Imam Hussain and his family and sadly was killed by the mean people of Yezid. When he fell from his horse, he called out, ‘As Salaamu Alayka Ya Aba Abdillah’ and I.Hussain rushed to Habib. Imam Hussain took him in his lap and cried until Habib’s soul came out of his body and went to Jannah.


How should we choose our friends?

– It is very important to remember: We must be kind to all. Even those who are mean and not really our friends.
– Once the H.Prophet (SAWW) was asked, ‘What person can be the best friend?’ H.Prophet (SAWW) replied: ‘One who helps you remember Allah (SWT) and reminds you when you forget’

Not all of friends we make are Muslims. At school we have friends that are not Muslim. So when H.Prophet (SAWW) said, one who helps you remember Allah, it means a friend who speaks the truth, is not mean towards others, is polite and kind. And this friend reminds you to be good when you forget or do things by accident.

Imam Ali says: ‘The poor is one who does not have any friends’ this means that friends are like jewels in our life and make our souls rich by helping us be good.



Friendship Crown where each jewel represents a friend who helps them be good.

– Draw a few paper doll shapes and cut out around.



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