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Being a Good Follower of Imam Mahdi (af) 

When many friends of Imam Hussein (as) were killed by the mean bad people in Kerbala, the children were getting more and more thirsty. They would cry loudly and say ‘Al Atash, Al Atash’ ‘O Thirst, O Thirst’!


H. Abbas, who was Imam Hussain’s brother and B. Sakina’s uncle, became very restless. He could not bear the children’s cries and went to see I. Hussain (as). He asked Imam Hussain very respectfully that Imam let him go and fight into the battlefield.


Imam knew if he let H.Abbas fight, then many of the mean bad people would die, because H.Abbas was the strongest of all. But Imam was not there at Kerbala to try and convince the bad people to change and follow Islam properly.


Yezid who wanted I.Hussain to give bay’at to him was a very bad person. He did not pray or fast. Nor did he do anything a good muslim would do for the love of Allah.


Imam Hussain after thinking for a long time, allowed H.Abbas to go into the battlefield, but told him not to fight. Only to go and fetch water for the thirsty children.


H.Abbas was one of the strongest men of his time. He was I.Ali’s son and I.Ali had especially prayed to Allah to grant him a boy who would grow up to be a strong man.


H.Abbas reached the River of Furaat, he too was very thirsty. His throat was very dry. His lips and tongue were also dry. He saw the water but didn’t drink it, because he thought of the children and other adults who were also thirsty.


He quickly filled the bag with water and placed it on the Alam. As he was heading back to the tents on his horse, the mean bad people, hit the water bag with an arrow. The water started to spill.


Next they hit an arrow at his right arm and it came off his body. He quickly held the Alam with his left hand. They hit an arrow at his left arm and it came off his body too. He held the Alam with his mouth.


He was very hurt. He was bleeding from both his arms. Then the mean bad people hit an arrow at his eye. He started to bleed from his eye too. He could not see. He could not keep his balance on the horse and fell onto the ground.


As he fell, he felt very sad, not because he was hurt, his arms had come off and his eye was hit with an arrow. He was sad because he could not bring water to the thirsty children.


He called out saying: ‘As Salaamu Alayka Ya Mawla, Ya Aba Abdillah’! As soon as Imam Hussain heard this, he ran quickly to find him. He took H.Abbas on his lap, cleaned the blood with his hands and cried. Imam had lost his brother.


Even though the mean bad people, hurt H.Abbas so much, he didn’t fight them. He followed the orders of his – Imam.Hussain, just like we need to follow the orders of the Imam of our time, I.Zamana (atf)


How can we Follow the orders of Imam Zamana if he is in hiding?

1. By Being Good Muslims such as loving Allah, praying with concentration and on time, being on our best behaviour, not hurting others, being respectful, being kind and following the Ahlul Bayt

2. By being excited to wait for him:
– Listening to Dua e Nudba and Dua e Ahad
– Listening to Ziyarat of I.Zamana
– By writing to him every week and on special happy and sad days
– By making him our friend, talking to him when we’re happy and telling him when we’re sad. Because with the permission from Allah, he will listen to us and may even help us.

3. Praying to Allah to make him re-appear very soon.
– Reciting Dua e Faraj
– 2 Rakaat Salaah

4. By Standing up for Truth
– Always do the right thing no matter what others say or think. Islam from the Start has some wonderful resource and activities on this point. Click here.

Activity: Game and Craft:

– Activity 1: Play Imam Mahdi Hide and Seek Game


– Activity 2: Make a Flag of Ya Hussain on one side and Ya Mahdi on the other




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