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Nothing to do with kids or activities but thought I’d share in case it’s useful.

This is something I’ve found very awkward in my professional career. And it usually happens at job interviews – Shaking hands with the opposite gender!

Although used to it by now but still feel uncomfortable to politely decline a hand shake, I thought I’d save myself all the awkwardness and add an ‘Islamic social code of conduct’ paragraph at the end of my resumé.

That way, the interviewers will be aware of my values and beliefs BEFORE the interview and to be honest it gives a truer representation of who I am.

Although I’m not fazed by informing them that I do not shake hands with the opposite gender (done it so any times now!), it’s the feeling of rejection the recipient might experience if they are not aware of this (which soooo many aren’t!!) that I’m highly uncomfortable with.

So hopefully, that takes care of a portion of awkward moments or if they don’t read your statement, will tell you something about your new bosses or colleagues ;)

The image below is from an earlier print out, here’s what the paragraph should read:

“Being a Muslim, I value and follow the Islamic social code of conduct. Whereas my faith does not restrict me to provide the best OT intervention possible to male patients, it does however restrict any physical contact with the opposite gender which includes shaking of hands.

This is not meant to offend anyone or any culture.


Islam maintains very high standards of professional and appropriate social conduct and therefore, I always ensure I initiate and reciprocate courteous gestures respectfully and warmly, without the need for any physical contact.”





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One thought on “Shaking Hands during a Job Interview

  • Mohammad

    Thank you so much. You have no idea how you’ve helped me out. I have several job interviews in the moment for internships at big companies. May God bless you