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Since it’s Father’s Day, why not gift dad with Salaatul Waalidayn?
(Hadiye Waalidayn)

father's day

We’ve started this at home for grandparents’ birthdays (ones with us and ones who’re not) and even did this at Madressa for Mother’s Day!! (The kids there love me, honest!)


Here’s how:

Salatul Waalidayn can be prayed for one or both the parents, whether alive or deceased. Parents as well as grandparents. The Thawab for this kind of kindness is immense.

This Salaah consists of 2 Rakaats.

The Niyyat should be: “I am offering 2 Rakaat Namaaz-e-Hadiya Walidain, Qurbatan ilallah”


Method 1: Longer Way

1st Rakaat: Suratul Hamd followed by this Dua in Qunoot the Dua given below, 10 times.
“Rabbanaghfirlee waliwa lidayya walil mo’mineena yauma yaqoomul hisaab” (14:41)
“Our Lord! Cover us with Thy forgiveness, me my parents and all believers on the day that the reckoning will be established.”

After this complete the 1st Rakaat with Rukuu and Sajdah and stand up for the 2nd Rakaat.

2nd Rakaat after the recitation of Suratul Hamd, recite this Dua in Qunoot, 10 times:
“Rabbigh firlee waliwa lidayya walimun dakhala bayti mo’mineenun walil mo’mineena wal mo’minaat” (71:28)
“Our Lord! Forgive me and my parents and those who enter my house with belief and men who believe and women who believe.”

After this complete the 2nd Rakaat and Salaah is complete.

The go into Sajdah and recite this Dua, 10 times.
“Rabbir ham huma kama rabba yani saghira” (17:24)
“Our Lord! Forgive them both for they have brought me up in my childhood.”


Method 2: Shorter Way

In the 1st Rakaat and 2nd Rakaat after Suratul Hamd recite this Dua, 20 times.

“Rabbir ham huma kama rabba yani saghira” (17:24)


After completing the Salaah raise you hands in Qunoot and recite this Dua, 10 times:
“Rabbir ham huma kama rabba yani saghira” (17:24)


And there you have gifted your parents with the best gift ever!

(pgs 74-75)


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