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Alhamd, the kids have been praying almost everyday. I’ll do a web post on how I try to intrinsically motivate them without the use of any rewards or charts etc, later on. But for now, this is one thing that has helped us to look at Salaah in a beautiful way.

Initially I used it as a reflective tool (post-Salaah) but I find it’s more effective before Salaah.


 Salaah Tool

To arrive at this tool:

1. We examined the parts of a flowering plant (even looked at a half-dying Hyacinth to give us a contrast between blooming and withering flowers)

2. We brainstormed the functions of each part (and I used what we came up with in the tool)

3. Then I explained them the analogy of how our Salaah should be like a flowering plant.

4. We made a flowering plant using a cup-cake liner, straw and other bits.


I’ve made some templates of the activity. Download them here


Getting kids to recite Salaah is challenging. Mine are still young but I still have to cajole them. And I understand from others it just gets harder

We do not use any rewards or consequences. But I use some concepts of intrinsic motivation – competence, progress, feeling part of a team and Divine guidance to help me through establishing Salaah with kids. InshA will explain more with examples in the web post.

I strongly strongly feel Salaah is too sacred for materialistic rewards even as harmless as stickers may seem!
Rewards have a very short-term effect which in my case will wear off waaaayyyy before they are baligh and therefore could be counter-productive.

A gentle suggestion: Please explore Alfie Kohn’s work (just Google the terms “Alfie Kohn”and “rewards”) before you embark on the path of rewards with kids.

But there is another resource, which is fun and so so powerful in getting the message across, in the melodious voice of Dawud Wharnsby  Ali : ) – What Did I Do Today?



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