S.Ramadhan Light Up Jars

Excited about these Ramadhan Light up Jars to put under their beds tonight 

 Just some of their fav things linked to the Holy month to make it even more Special inshA!
Want one for me now 

The contents of the jar as follows:

Note Pad – To note down daily the things your Sawm made you grateful for

Menthos – It’s meant to be hard at first then it becomes easier and soft. Have Faith!

Siyaam Tracker Card – Fasting has been prescribed to you just as it was prescribed to people before you! (S.Baqarah: 183)
How many can you manage? (This card helps track any missed fasts)

Bubbles – For a small little puff of breath, Allah rewards you with so much thawaab!
(Read the Sermon of H.Prophet SAWW if you don’t believe me!)

Fairy Lights – Remember to bask yourself in the recitation and reflection of the Holy Qur’an so it lights up your heart, just like these solar fairy lights!

Loom Bands – Remember to make a friendship bookmark for your BFF – The H.Quran

For my son instead of Loom bands:
Lego -Its all about building the best model for Jannah! One good deed at a time!

Chocolate Coins – Don’t forget the orphans and the less fortunate! Give out of your own to sweeten your relationship with Allah

LED Balloon – Allah will brighten your life with the impossible on the night of Qadr, but you’ve gotta blow your duas into it!


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