Rajab, Shabaan, Ramadhan

I loved this meme that I found on Google.


It was such a wonderful illustration of the three holy months – Rajab, Shabaan and Ramadhan and one that would really stick to the kids. So I decided to use it as a craft activity which involves a special technique called punching out. Punching out is great for kids who are just starting to write and it helps develop their pencil pressure grip

It is quite simple, you draw a rough image and get kids to punch out holes using a sharp pencil all around the image, eventually you’ll find the image will easily pull apart with a little tug – a little like cutting along a perforated line.

Three months

Items required:

1. Different coloured construction paper (recycled paper work better)

2. Sharp pencil

3. A tea or hand towel

4. An A4 card

5. Gluestick


How we did it:

1. Draw for your child or have your child draw a rough image (doesn’t have to precise) of a pot, sun, stem, petals, a round middle of the flower and leaves on different coloured construction paper. If you want to make it less time consuming, just cut out using a pair of scissors some petal shapes and leaves.
punchout22. Place a clean tea or hand towel under the drawings and get them to punch into the paper with a sharp pencil, making holes all around the drawing.

punchout13. Rip along the perforation and pull out the shapes one by one.

4. Arrange together i.e. petals, stem, middle of flower etc as per the meme

5. Get kids to label which craft represents which month

6. Hang and get motivated to water and nurture your Imaan during these auspicious months


My kids are rather lazy when it comes to writing, so they both shared the work to make one craft!




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