Qur’an Words Puzzles

Here’s a puzzle activity, which is part of our Home Madressa Montessori activity that helps them learn the words from the Holy Qur’an.

These are word puzzles made out of laminated printouts containing an image, and letters.

Download the printable template here

Quran Word Puzzles

I’ve cut between each letter, which they need to put together to form the word.


It looks easier that it is. As the cuts are straight unlike jigsaw pieces, they are harder to put together.

They have to colour-match, look at the joining letters and sound-blend the words.


With my 6 year old, I get her to write the signs on with a dry erase marker.
And even quiz her on what sura does the word appear in, Ayat before and after the Ayat in which it appears etc…


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