Our Connection to I.Mahdi AF and his connection to Allah SWT

Demonstrate this through a mini-light table. Strictly-speaking this is not a light table it’s only a container lined with tin-foil and white tissue containing a string of fairy lights, all connected to an electric source. Nevertheless, it served the purpose : )

Materials Used:

– A container with a transparent lid
– Paper dolls
– Little containers one with plain water; the other with water with black food colouring
– Fairy light or a rope light

Here’s how:

– Line the container with tin foil so the light is contained inside.
– Place the fairy lights inside and connect them to the source
– Place a layer of white tissue as clouds or Ghaiba and close the lid (the lid won’t fully close/click due to the fairy light cable, that is ok!)
– Switch on at the power source

– Place some paperdolls, pots of water one at a time to show how, the light inside (Imam Mahdi af) is connected to the source (Allah SWT) and how it gets received and reflects in us and our hearts

lightbox-hearts meemformahdi


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