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In our home Madressa, we were trying to explore and better understand the concept of Nubuwwah.


Alhamd, we have such a rich Islamic history with fascinating stories.


But I really wanted the kids to understand why Allah sent us prophets and why they are so so so important. And it seemed to tie in really well with something they absolutely love doing!


Allah sent messengers to all Ummahs, as He mentions in the Holy Qur’an (S.Nahl:16)


Messengers (which includes Prophets) were sent to GUIDE us. And He sent Holy Prophet Muhammed SAWW, who is the last prophet, as the BEST GUIDE for us –

*Uswatun Hasanah*


“Surely, in the messenger of Allah (P.MUhammed SAWW), you have a good example to follow” (S.Ahzab:21) 

All prophets brought the same message of Tawheed – La Illaha Illah


Since my kids LOVE puzzles and they really seem to understand the concept of jigsaw puzzles (matching, using a reference/guide, shape recognition etc), I used it to explain Nubuwwah for a more experiential/hands-on understanding of the concept.


I used one of those create-your-own-puzzles and wrote down some characteristics and traits the prophets we knew about had brought to us.


Now this is where, I get to learn SOO much as I try to teach them. I had to brush up on my knowledge of the prophets and had to think of the prophet/messenger in depth to come up with the characteristics that I had.

A brilliant resource is Sheikh Rizwan Arastu’s book: ‘God’s Emissaries: Adam to Jesus’ published by Taqwa Media


Each prophet was unique and special, just like each unique piece of the puzzle, with sometimes different methods to guide the people of their time. So the people would be able to understand the message.

Many used miracles, some used prayers, some had to go through trials and tests to show people e.g. P.Ibrahim (pbuh) had to go through the test of obeying Allah SWT’s command to sacrifice his son P.Ismaeel (pbuh), to show people how important it was to obey and trust Allah.


But the last and most important piece of the puzzle was P.Muhammed SAWW, who was Uswatun Hasanah and through whom Allah completed the religion of Islam (S.Maida:3)


Activity: Completing A Jigsaw Puzzle

Materials Used:

– One pack of Create-your own puzzle (you could do it with any puzzle as long as you relay a clear message)
– A guide to the puzzle (I took a picture after I coloured and wrote on the puzzle and printed it out as a ‘guide’)

Round 1: Without a Guide

– I gave them the puzzle without a guide and asked them to complete it
– I made it quite difficult for them by colouring in each piece instead of continuing the colours across pieces so they couldn’t match the adjacent pieces easily. They had to rely on their complex shape recognition skills.
– Although they had a few clusters here and there, they could not complete the whole jigsaw, as they felt ‘lost‘ and ‘didn’t know which one connected where’ (their exact words!)

Time taken: They gave up!


Round 2: With a Guide

– With a guide, they were on a roll. They could complete the puzzle in a jiffy!

Time: less than 5 mins (collective effort)


The Conclusion:

Prophets are our Guides. Without them we’d be ‘lost’ and wouldn’t know how to connect with Allah properly and live in a way that would please Allah. And our Holy Prophet was the Best Example that we can follow in everything we do!

After that, they practiced their Arabic letters (Nun, Ba, Waw) in a yummy scrummy way, by using cookie dough to bake Arabic letter cookies!!


Previously we’ve covered: Tawheed and Adalah – A Water Experiment.
But what about Imammah? How does that link in? : ) InshA watch out for the next post on Imamamah (Successors after the Holy Prophet SAWW)



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