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source link Here are some fantastic e-books consisting of craft ideas, hands-on activities and paper-based activity. cheapest Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Click on images to download the e-books

Resource 1: A PDF of some paper-based activities to keep little ones busy while teaching them about the events of Kerbala 

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Resource 2: ASR KIDS

This is a series of very useful 7 books as Lessons from Kerbala. These books are packed with activities, poems, stories, crosswords, illustrations and so much more Click on the collage below to download the PDFs



Resource 3: Islam From The Start

Another brilliant e-handbook with creative hands on activities for little ones





Resource 4: QFatima Let us Learn About the Months of Muharram and Safar




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One thought on “Muharram Resources – e-Handbooks

  • Javeeriya

    Assalam o alaekum
    I really loved the series of muharram resources. I feel these lessons from kerbala is one of the best resource for kids character building. Unfortunately, I m unable to download these books from the website kindly fix this problem.
    Jazakallahu khairun