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These are some various activities and crafts that are not in a hand-book format, nevertheless still useful for little kids.




Resource 1: Muslim Kids

This is not an e-book but JPEG images of activities for kids to understand the events of Kerbala by Muslim Kids.

Click on each thumbnail to be directed to the image which can be saved as a doc/jpg to be printed





image image

image image image



Resource 2: Colouring Pages

Simple Muharram Colouring Pages to use while sitting at the Majlis. Click on Image to download



Resource 3: Islamic Calendar Activity

This has been by far one of the most useful activities we’ve done as a family at home. Alhamd, the aim of increasing awareness of the Islamic dates and events was I can honestly say, increased. Although we didn’t get as organized as we hoped to be, we at least acknowledged and did something little to celebrate or commemorate the event appropriately.  
Read more here







Icons flags that represent Muharram and Kerbala. A must-make with kids. We made these when we had just moved to the US, with absolutely no stationary (all our stuff was still being shipped).
I walked a mile to buy some construction paper, collected some sticks from the back yard and used my old scarves and pacheris to drape around.
And this was the start of our journey of getting closer to Allah using crafts, activities, play and all things to stimulate the kids. Alhamd! 









Kerbala model (3D and 2D)




Kerbala Rainbow with a template

Illustrate the famous Quran Verse (3:169-170) using a Rainbow which represents the martyrs with each colour of the rainbow






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