Muharram Flag Advent Calendar

Be like a Kerbala Hero


This year I’m hoping to make Muharram more practical. Even if it is overcoming daily challenges in the honour and strength of a Kerbala hero. Personally, I’ve listened to more majlises than the things I need to put into practice. We don’t just need more majlises, we need more actionDownload !


I thought this time I’ll make a little advent calendar for each day with very practical ways (more like helping us overcome our little challenges of being Muslims where we live) by taking lessons (and strength) from a Kerbala personality.


We will be studying these personalities too everyday with an activity already available or I’ll try make InshA! 

Each little advent flag is linked to the colours of the rainbow (see Kerbala Rainbow Activity )


We started with H.Muslim as really he was the first shaheed of Kerbala and that is really where the tragedy started.

Here’s the breakdown:

Day 1: H.Muslim – Be an ambassador of Islam

Day 2: H.Hur – Choose the right path /option

Day 3: H. Habeeb – Find good friends and be a good friend

Day 4: H.Aun and H.Mohammed – Respect parents and elders

Day 5: H.Qasim – Be Brave, fear none but Allah

Day 6: H.Abbas – Be a follower, supporter and helper of Imam Mahdi af

Day 7: H.Ali Akber – Have the best Akhlaq

Day 8: H.Ali Asgher – Respond quickly to someone in need

Day 9: I.Hussein (as) – Love Allah, do everything to please Him

Day 10 – Be You! Give your pledge (mummy, papa, Zahra, Zaki) and make resolutions

InshA Muharram calendar and activity on H.Muslim to follow


 Muharram Flags

Download it here:


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