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Here is the classroom version that we use in our Madressa Class, from the Masumeen Rocket Ship we did last year

It can even be used as a prop in the bedroom or playroom and inshA that way kids will find will learn the names of the Masumeen (pbut) in a fun way!

Materials Used:

– Black foam poster board (from the dollar shop)

– Some coloured card to make the beak and wings for the rocket ship (I’m sure there’s a more technical name but I don’t know it)

– Laminated little circles (2″ in diameter with names of the Masumeen) – I can provide my templates if anyone is interested. Just contact me or leave a comment below!

– Some decorative tape to decorate the edge (optional)

– Sticky velcro

– And thumb tacks to hang it on the wall, you could use lots of white tac if you didn’t want to ruin your walls


Prepare for Mission Jannah:

5. Snip the poster board and card to make it look like a rocket ship (it’s easier than you think really!)

4. Decorate

3. Print and laminate

2. Stick the Velcro – one half on the rocket ship and the other on each circle

1. Hang it on the wall

….. and Blast Off to learning the names and positions of Masumeens in a way that they won’t even know they’ll learning!

Rocketship - class


Here are the printable windows I used on a rocket ship measuring 30″ about 77cm from beak to tail (exc the yellow fire sparks)


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