Labbayk Ya Hussein – Mosque Etiquette

I was so moved by this post (see below) and decided it was how I wanted me and my kids to connect to Imam Hussein (as) at his Majlis EVERY TIME.
And it was yet another wonderful opportunity to learn a gem of a hadith by our 6th Imam (as)


After a recent little miracle that reminded me just how powerful the Majlis of Imam Hussein (as) is, there simply was no better way to start thanking him for his generosity and Shifa!


I pray that you all find this useful and kids start inculcating this awesome habit from a young age inshA!


I thought this would be a great opportunity to re-visit the Masjid Etiquette and so made up a little poem to go with the activity.


And for the main activity:
Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) advises us that after making Niyyah and reciting 7xLaillaha Illah, 7xAlh Hamdu Lillah, 7xSubhanallah in a majlis, for Majlis of Imam Hussein (as), proceed to say 7xLabbayk Ya Hussein (as)


And then Sheikh Leghaei puts it beautifully how to beseech Imam (as) and start talking to him. I tried to include a few things he said and I really hope that the activity sheet tries to capture even a fraction of this awesome gesture inshA!


Download a printable version of the poem and labbayk Ya Hussein Activity here

labbayk ya hussein 


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