Kerbala Hero: Muslim Ibn Aqeel

is it safe to buy viagra from canada Alhmad after learning that I have the honourable name of H.Muslim’s mother – I feel an even greater responsibility to walk in her footsteps and bring up little Safeer e Imams who will represent Imam Al Hujjah in a fraction of a way that H.Muslim represented I.Hussein (as) So I decided to open this Islamic year and the Muharram activities with H.Muslim Ibn Aqeel. Below is an activity, more suitable for kids 5/6+ to learn about H.Muslim and his relation to I.Hussein (as). Download here

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viagra best price usa Here is a wonderfully animated clip (in Farsi but with English subtitles) that kids can learn more about this great personality


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enter And I highly recommend listening to this lecture by Dr.Syed Ammar Nakhshwani


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