Kerbala All Around Us

We had ten minutes exactly before we had to make a move towards the bus stop. I took a moment to share this clip with my daughter again this year:

When we came to repentance, we briefly talked about H.Hur and I.Hussein (as) and how we can be more forgiving.


My daughter said ‘Like it says on the family rules!’

I didn’t know what she meant, thinking it was some sort of class rules at school she was referring to. So I urged her to explain what she meant.

She took me to the dining room and pointed at the wall hanging I’d picked out before Muharram.

She pointed to where it said ‘Forgive and Forget’, ‘Like it says here mummy!’


It is astonishing how kids make associations and connections with everyday things.


The lessons from Kerbala are all around us. We see them everyday, as my daughter reminded me.

We even inshA strive to follow them.


But we just haven’t given our struggle the right name. We probably haven’t (speaking for myself) assigned the perfect guide that we can follow.

By giving it the right name and assigning the perfect role model we can ascend our actions and take them a step further.


Imagine when it came to forgiving someone, we remembered to
emulate I.Hussein (as) and his manner in which he quickly and unconditionally forgave H.Hur (pbuh).
How much integrity, value and sincerity would now be injected into our action! How much would we liberate ourselves and the recipient, off of any grudge and spare us both endless futile thoughts? How much would Allah SWT bless our action and make it easy for us to forgive and forget!


Anything that represents goodness, justice, tolerance, love, compassion, faith, positivity, integrity should remind us of Kerbala!


This to me is the essence of Kullu Yawmin Ashura, Kullu Ardhin Kerbala. Living Kerbala and Ashura each day – Interweaving Kerbala in the everyday and the little things we do. In everything we see and do.


And so the following day, we brainstormed the following:


Our Family Rules Through the Lens of Kerbala


Not just ‘Telling the Truth’ but standing up for truth like I.Hussein (as)


Not just ‘Always saying please and thank you’, but being polite in every manner so much so that we emulate the best of creation the Holy Prophet (SAWW) like H.Ali Akber did (pbuh)


Not just ‘Be Helpful’ but being helpful like H.Ali Asgher (pbuh) even when there is very little we can do


Not just ‘Keep our Promises’ but trying with EVERYTHING we have to keep our promises esp the ones we make to Allah (SWT)


Not just ‘Don’t Whine’ but transforming our grievances to acts of worship like I.Sajjad (as), so much so that he was named the Best of worshippers and the Best of Prostrators.



Not just ‘Share’, but sharing in a way so we think about others first like B.Sakina (sa) running to give water to her brother H. Baby Ali Asgher


Not just ‘Pray Together’ but enjoining others by our words and actions to come towards Allah through Amr bil Maaruf and Nahi Anil Munkar, a trait in the companions of I.Hussein (as) and their families


Not just ‘Forgive and Forget’ but forgiving like I.Hussein (as). Genuinely and unconditionally for the pleasure of Allah SWT


Not just ‘Ask First’ but respect others’ decisions and find another way to politely ask again like H.Qasim upon seeking permission to go and fight.
And to persistently ask Allah to hasten the reappearance of I.Mahdi (as)



Not just ‘Love One Another’ but stick together like H.Aun and H.Muhammed, have each other’s back, and love one another because we love Allah SWT


Not just ‘Be Positive’ but to see beauty in the Will of Allah SWT, as tough as the going gets, like B.Zainab and B.Umm Kulthum (as) such that they said ‘Ma raitu illa Jameela’ – ‘I see nothing but beauty’


And so, it was inevitable that we Kerbalafied our wall hanging, which now doesn’t just remind us of beautiful morals but the morals have a beautiful name and the perfect example to emulate, right next to it!

This is a great opportunity to start the new Islamic year with customized Family Values arts and hanging, why not make your own ‘Family Rules’ based on the tragedy of Kerbala??



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