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Some readers have asked how I integrate the Calendar Activity as part of a family calendar, so I thought I’d share our Islamic Calendar wall which seems to work really well for us.

This was something I saw in a home-making magazine and on Pinterest, which I thought was chic and very practical, so I adapted the idea to our family needs.

I love how this one wall holds so much relevant and meaningful information for all of us. So here’s how I laid it out and how it works 


We turned the fridge housing-cabinet-side into an Islamic Calendar Wall.  

The shabby oak veneer looked very uninviting, so I masked it with some fancy contact paper : )


To be honest, we don’t really have an English calendar anymore and I love how our month revolves around the Islamic month and events.


At the very top – Qur’an/Hadith Frame: I up-cycled an old photo frame (without the glass) for the hadith or the Quran Ayaah for the month.


In the Middle – The Main Caledar (Islamic): The Calendar white board which we use as our main family calendar.

We started using A3 printouts from the Calendar Activity but schedules sometimes change, so a wipeable board was ideal and deemed more appropriate. I bought this one at Michaels Craft Store, but most office supply shops have them too


The white board calendar starts every Islamic month rather than the English month.


When the moon sights, kids complete their Islamic Calendars first with the correct dates.


Then using their completed calendar I update the white board calendar. It helps make them feel responsible and gives a sense of achievement when I use their work for such an ‘important’ task.


I usually print out the following Islamic month’s Calendar (e.g. Rabbiul Akhar) and keep it underneath the current Calendar Activity (Rabbiul Awwal), which helps with jotting down things for the following month as they come up. (see on the side of the fridge)

So when it comes to doing the white board, I have all the information I need in one place – the Islamic dates which kids completed as well as any upcoming appointments, etc we may have jotted down


Below the white board are the two school monthly calendars (hung on a clip board) at kids’ eye level


And below that is our weekly schedule of activities we do, like Qur’an, swimming, Areeza writing on Fridays etc. Having a weekly schedule has resulted into less nagging and fewer reminders to ‘get on’ with some things so we can do what we’ve planned to do that day. But we also take things slow, ditch the ‘things do’ when there is an impending need to connect or dare I say sometimes, just daydream. 


Now what I love L.O.V.E about my daughter’s school is that every month they focus on a Character Trait. And the teacher might send out a list of activities to help strengthen that trait.

Last month she sent out a list of kindness activities that kids could circle once completed. She’s awesome! 

Last month’s Character Trait was Kindness


And Alhamd, this is the best part: Every month when we do the Calendar Activity, we try to look for an Islamic Hadith or Qur’an Ayaah for the Character Trait of the month.

Like last month was our Holy Prophet (SAWW)’s hadith on Charity and Kindness

January’s Character Trait is Work Ethic

So we chose the famous ayaah 69 from S.Ankabut about striving and how Allah rewards us, guides and is with us when we strive and do good.

This way, Islam feels more integrated with school. It’s so simple yet so effectively emphasizes the point that goodness and good morals are very deeply rooted in Islam. 


And when she relays the hadith or ayaah back to the teacher or other kids, we’ve hit a home run : )


I hope this is helpful and perhaps shows one effective way (at least for us) the Calendar Activity (Calendars are free to downloadhelps centralize Islam and Islamic events into our daily lives inshA.


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    • aaliya Post author

      We try to find the hadith and/or Qur’an Ayaah that matches the character trait of the month given by school. I don’t know of the following months’ character traits until I receive the calendar end of each month.
      However if you wanted to have a character trait theme, why not use the awesome character traits of our 12 Imams for the twelve months And then its easy to look up an ayaah or hadith. There is a Hadith App called alHadith by on itunes which is a good place to start, or I sometimes type the terms on Google and take it from there. Hope it helps. Here are some suggestions.
      I.ALi – Bravery
      I.Hassan – Patience
      I.Hussein – Work Ethic
      I.Zainul Abideen – Gratitude
      I.Baqir – Acquisition of knowledege
      I.Jafar Sadiq – Truthfulness
      I. Kadhim – Responsibility
      I. Ridha – Generosity
      I. Taqi – Devotion
      I. Naqi – Sincerity
      I. Askari – Time and Task Management
      I. Mahdi – Unconditional Love