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As one shahadat date of I.Hassan (as) fell over the Thanksgiving holidays and the other one is due to fall around the Christmas break too, I thought I’d make something that the whole family can participate and kids can learn some things from I.Hassan (as) life

So here is a bingo-style game. I used only a few facts that  I think they’ll be able to know for now

Once again, like the Kerbala Flashcards, I’d be more than happy to make some minor edits to customize the game so your kids can learn from it too inshA!


Click here to download the printable game with board, cards and wheel with instructions

imam hassan game


Glossary: (share as little or as much of the information below depending on age)

15th Ramadhan 3 A.H – Birthday

The name Hassan – was chosen for him by Allah. No one ever before him was. Names Hassan which means Goodness and Handsom

Abu-Muhammed: His title. Commonly recited in Dua e Tawwasul. Ask kids to look f or it for it next time! 

Wudhoo picture: His excellent manners. Thewudhoo story with the elderly man 

47 years: How old he was when he died. Compare the age to grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle in the family! 

Jo’da Binte Ash Ash: was the person who poisoned I.Hassan (as). Poison was administered in water. He vomited out his liver and momentarily passed away :, ( 



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