Imam Baqir (as) – First Islamic Coins

  • Did you know that it was I.Mohammed Baqir (as) who advised on what to stamp on the first Islamic coins!

He suggested that one face should have ‘La ilaha Illallah’ and the other face ‘Muhammedur Rasulullah’

We briefly talked about how coins were minted and made some candy coins which we used as Tabarukh after a short majlis at home.

I didn’t have any choc coin making equipment so we used a mini-muffin tray. I melted some candy and poured a teaspoon or less into the hole and let it freeze.

Ten minutes later, we had hard candy discs.

I got kids to write ‘Allah’ on side and ‘Muhammed’ on the other in Arabic, explaining them how Imam (as) had influenced the design of the Islamic coins.

I.Baqir (as)
You can read more about this awesome Imam here. He has even made clear the difference between a Nabi and a Rasool. No wonder he was called Baqir – the splitter of knowledge! SubhanA!


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