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This activity was probably more apt for Arbaeen, but it was so awesome that I just couldn’t wait to do it with the kids.

And it also helps kids understand that I.Hussein (as) was victorious, which I feel with all the sadness and grief, young kids may not understand this very crucial concept properly. (Hence last year we did the Kerbala Rainbow to shed a positive light on the tragedy! )

We’ve been watching how many people visited the Shrine of I.Hussein (as) on YouTube.
Crowds and crowds.
Just like Allah had promised our H.Prophet (SAWW) in S. Nasr (110).

We also noticed that 10th Muharram written in numbers the US way (1/10) is EXACTLY the same as the number of S.Nasr -110. Isn’t that absolutely A-mazing??? :))


As kids are a little young for the conquest of Mecca, this is a great living demonstration to understand S.Nasr through Kerbala! (This perspective is in accordance with many Shia Mufassireens)

The strength of I.Zainul Abideen (as), B. Zainab and B. Umm Kulthum after Kerbala was surely Help from Allah which led to the great Victory of I. Hussein (as) and his family.

We can see how I. Hussein (as) won. There are more and more people mourning for him every year!

And more and more people are becoming Shias by hearing about the tragedy of Kerbala!
Such that last year Arbaeen (2013) was the largest peaceful gathering of 20 million people or more. A lot of people!!

A few pieces of foam, glitter and Siddiqa Juma – Islamic Art‘s (Hajj) Diversity technique and voila!
Alhamd we all have a visual reminder and a better understanding of S.Nasr through the sacrifice of I. Hussein (as), his family and friends!

Download an activity template here



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