How Do We Thank Allah: Part Two Thank You Allah Tool Box

If your toddler is into his tool, he/she will love making this special tool box!


It helps them:
– Draw something with very little help
– Sound beginning letters
– And learn about the different ways we can thank Allah SWT
– And the tools in a special tool box is a great reminder and keepsake!

I wanted to explain the concept of how different ways of being grateful are like ‘tools’ in our life. Tools to ‘fix‘ bad moods, help us ‘tighten‘ relationships, put things ‘back in order‘ and ‘working‘ happily again.

The activity consisted of the following:
– Outlining/Tracing (building pencil grip)
– Cutting (adult)
– Matching beginning sounds of tools to the beginning sounds of the ways we can Thank Allah
– Sticking away

Here’s how we did it:

1. We used some tools from his tool box

2. Placed them on cardstock and traced around them


3. They can colour them in they wish – mine didn’t want to

4. Use the beginning letter to match it to the beginning letter of ways we can thank Allah. Use a special foam sticker to emphasize on the beginning sound


Tools used:

1. Hammer – Hamd / Praising Allah

2. Screw Driver – Saying Dua

3. Nail – Noticing Nice Things

4. Spanner – Saying Good Things

5. Pliers – Praying Namaaz

6. Saw – Sajda e Shukr

7. Screw – Staying away from Bad Things


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