Hands Raised in Dua Make a Heart Shape

Did you know that if you trace around hands raised in Dua, the outline will make a heart shape?

It was a lovely way of showing the kids that hands raised in Dua is the PERFECT way to tell Allah:

  We Love Him

And every time we want to say Allah I Love You, we need to:

Raise our Hands in Dua


Note: for those very meticulous little eyes who need things done perfectly:
– Tuck the thumbs in real nice and tight
– Make a generous arc around the top of the hands instead of closely tracing around the tips of the fingers
– You’ll need to draw in the gap created by the wrists.

So we traced around our hands in dua, drew and decorated perfect hearts to say we Love Allah!

But does Allah love us back??He is

Ya Wadoodu – The Most Loving

Of course He does!
He says in the Holy Qur’an:

(85:14) و هوالغفورالودود
He is Forgiving and Loving


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